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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

..kotak hati..

You inspired me from the very first day you joined ......which is bit weird because you have never been nice with me.though, we never know each other. Plus, I was always skeptical about posting my stories here,but I got rid of my shyness just because of you,although you know nothing about it neither do I have any intention to make you aware of this complex yet beautiful emotion of mine,well,no matter how weird I sound but I find you interesting to the extant that i become what i am today..i am just fine..well, the spiral emotion comes across in my mind.. i wanna post a new posting. Now I’m constantly looking at the world, and my surroundings. See the different angles, the different sides, the different light, and the different heights, from all venues and vantage points.
For me, time used to be a measurement of getting from one place to another. For most people, it’s about always being “on the move.” For me, now, time is spent much differently. I spend my time trying to take in my surroundings with a more sensitive consciousness, and attempting to look and see everything that I can at any given moment. Time is more than time passing me by, or a clock ticking from one hour to the next, time is a place and fact that I use to merge into my ability to see and look in advance. As the old saying goes, you never stop learning by interpreting to me that I shall learn more in regard of life cycle.

With my Sony Ericson C510 cyberShot camera in my hand, I’ve gained a new found appreciation of a smile, a gesture, a sunset, a building, a child, and the beach– and life itself more. I see things differently, more clearly. These were but only a few examples of my new found enjoyment of life, and life’s offerings since I’ve got camera..