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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a matter of choice

everyone has their personal style and wat i admire most about certain people is their ability 2 stick 2 their own, no matter wat others say about it or the stares they might get..
it a matter of choice.
as we've gtten d sign from yg MAha Berkuasa..
it shows that it is nt d time yet to start once again..
we do love so much.. since to that, we dnt wnt 2 hurt them as the time goes by there will be smthng unexpected comes around. through our experience , reading , observation & watsoever..
Is like a dead soul with no history..
why im sacrifying for almost everything i wanted..
it's so weird..i felt like crying.. i just feels uneasy..very tired..but i just finished it..i realized it all about my mistake. nothing roots from anybody avoid from doing the same thing.. i did 'berjumpa dgn Allah' .Alhamdullilah..i've found d answer.even it goin' to make me loss control..i hate being a loser.. i should stop hurting pple heart! bdw, i need 2 experience it 2 know whthr its rite or wrong i dealing with soul.
. someone told me that,we are human aftr all we should learn frm trial n error..