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Monday, August 30, 2010

brainless stuff

There must be something wrong with myself.
I don’t know what is goin’ on. I feel lost. I feel lonely. I feel nothing.

My temperature might suddenly rise up.

I don’t wanna do this any longer. That’s enough beb!.

Pls syg, pls syg restrain yourself from such brainless stuff.

Stay your self away from that. Hate it syg.

i'm gonna be happy, I know it.
And everyone's gonna witness it.

My head feels weak and suddenly.
It's clear to see it's not them but me. Who's lost my self-identity.

Though, I cant yet figure my self out

I smiled, thinking how self-love comes so naturally for my self.

In fact, we are born loving ourselves soul, mind, and body,
but as the years go on I lost my self.

Pls syg,pls change your life.

Go for it! Go for it! Start a new life!

*syg* = myself

Friday, August 13, 2010


I look for beauty in the world,
but every beautiful thing reminds me of you.

Always, i will look up into the sky and wonder if you is looking at that same sky. If you are remembering me, missing me.

The smallest and most insignificant thing will get my heart racing and i'll have to try to hold back my tears.

But no one knows.
I am trying so,
so hard.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ramadan yg sayu


4 almost two months I ve been in sintok valley ..

Come across in ma mind dat , I never thought dat I gonna bpuasa kat kedah lagi..kedah,kedah and kedah again..

Tape lah.takdirku di kedah ku..

Tibe2 aku rindu time bpuasa bersama membe2 kat uitm dlu…

Tapi skrg aku akn merasakn pglaman puasa di bukit kachi sintok valley UUM nie..huhu

Even jauh nun di utara tanah air.. aku dah mula saying dgn NORTHEN University of MALaysia..

Teringat kat parents, adik2, kakak, abg n my uncle….

Sepatotnyer aku balik semalam tapi tiket dh abes..

Tbe2 aku rase susahnyer jd anak perantauan nie…

Tue lah kn..

Nti nk balik keje kt tmpt negeri sendiri lah.. cari org umh pn kt ngri sndiri lah..

Xpyh jauh..

Nti susah nk balik raya, gado sana sini.. hehe..

Tadi gi alor star dgn nazrul,naim n mie (dak sabah) xknl sgt..

At least dh merasa zmn bndar drp kat bukit uum ni kn..hehe

Ok la even pnt..x penah2 dlm idop aku naik bas 1 jam berdiri drp uum ke


Balik2, driver bas UNic UMM cite psl hantu kt uum byk especially kt DPP YB & mUAlaamat..nasib baek bukit kachi xbyk..tapi still ade..

Tak pelah, kesdihan dlm hati xdpt digmbrkn dlm aty, xdpt mymbut rmadan pertama bsma family..

Tapi sacrifice meant a lot to our self..

Keceriaan harus kekal..SMILE> while typing dis , my emotional

berdayu2 hmpir nanges,,tapi saya tetap kene SMILE>