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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hurrah! Free to stand and sit as I please, and no more awkward walking heheh. =D

I'm back after so long disappeared from being blogger .

nothing much 2 say :

i can see the light on my path to become part of law community in Malaysia .

after my final exams on may 2011.
i went to KL .. for Bank Rakyat Scholarship Program .
i met new friend, enjoy & love the program so much .. and of course after a year hoping to meet again my fren since Pre- law in Uitm foundation .

hey! Luqma
n i heard ur first word to me when i arrived at Kl sentral from KLiA. ' makin bergaya ko ni even duk kedah pun' .ouch! haha. do i care? fashion is a must hahaha

Oke. i enjoyed pretty much attending Yayasan Bank Rkyat progrm ni,. awesome ! Luqman is the head team and i hav being Emcee for that 'Grand Nite' LOL.

i'll work smart and hard for my edu.

Well, second part of my life in June.
something to cheer me up in the midst of all .....
'm fucking sad here ..
kinda boring sometime.
sick?? hepi? stable ? LONELY??. no comment.

action speak louder than words

by then , see ya :)


Azham Vosovic said...

Hahaha, orang Kedah pun bergaya tau!

BTW, I wish I could see you one day, to meet this fabulous Mr Lawyer...

Anonymous said...

welcome back! <3

musuh ketat lukman hadi said...

gtaw lukman, ape dia ingat org kemaman je yg mampu? HAHA

kawan baek luqman hadi said...