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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sultan Of Brunei (King Of Luxury)

3 children are born every second in this world;
10 mobile phones sold on the international level;
auto manufacturers produce a car every 4.5 seconds on average;
and on the level of the human mind = brain cells send 200 directives each second
to perform the various functions of physical and mental health.
The world spends 37 million euros for arms on the international level in one second
And the Sultan of Brunei's wealth increases by 90 euros every second!
No envy please!
This means around 5400 euros per minute, 324000 euros each hour, 7776000 euros a day
Implies about 54432000 euros a week (that's 54 million and 432000 thousand euros)
Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah ... President of the richest country in the world
Popular, lavish, ... uses gold in everything
Was born literally eating with spoons made of gold
Clothes worn embroidered with gold and silver

One of the cars of theSultan of Brunei

At the special request of the Sultan of Brunei,
theRolls Royce company
combined their car designs with that of Porsche.
This vehicle is currently in London
for use during his stay in Britain

Wikipediasays he has
531 Mercedes-Benzes
367 Ferraris
362 Bentleys
185 BMWs
177 Jaguars
160 Porsches
130 Rolls-Royces
And 20 Lamborghinis

Bringing the total number of his cars to 1,932

Sunday, October 18, 2009

day by day..

.... A wisp of silver strayed diaphanous beneath the moon,suspended in d inky of night.. HE felt himself spinning down, down, down, in a vortex of despair. Was there to be no love 4 him in this cruel world, just bcoz he's useless ????? hurmm..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a lie??kind of hurts..

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who matter don't mind, and those that mind, don't matter."

In this world of vanity, people tend to forget that having real friends is a very very important thing.
You may find going out and shining in limelight extremely cool and it feeds your ego better than anything. But when one by one, the people who loved you for your soul, disappear, you can cry tears that are saltier than any sea. And believe me, when you show no love and only expect it to come to you, then they will disappear.

Some people just use you. They call and say "I'm sooooooooooooooooo bored, let's go out and do something.
And then there are people who call to say: "I'm having sooooooooooo much fun, come and join me!"

Unfortunately, there aren't many people who act like that.
U difficult to find people who really care for you. They can say they care. They can even mean it. But they don't act like it.
And in the end, what they said or meant, becomes a lie.
A lie that kind of hurts. Kind of makes you angry. But most of all, makes you feel used.
Makes you feel like you are...
You may feel like there was a lot of drama around who cares about who.

Still, I have faith in good friendships. I can say, I really have great great great friends. They don't fuck me. They don't shit me. They are normal, good people. Awesome, humble, exciting, funny, smart, wonderful friends.

And I never want to lose the hope, that my friendships means as much to them as it means to me.

And if my soul is nothing to you, then by all means - don't ever bother to give me reasons to care for you. And don't ask for it either.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

lagu 'kantoi' ..

Semalam I call you, you tak answer
You kata you keluar - 'Pergi bank yea'
You kata you keluar dengan kawan you
But when I call Tommy, he said it wasn't you
So I drove my car pergi Damansara
Tommy kata maybe you tengok bola
Tapi bila I sampai you - you tak ada
Lagilah I jadi gila

So I call and call sampai you answer
You kata 'Sorry sayang, tadi tak dengar'
'My phone was on silent - I was at the gym'
Tapi latar belakang suara perempuan lain
[ Zee Avi Lyrics are found on ]

Sudahlah sayang I don't believe you
For since long that your words were never true
Why am I with u - I pun tak tahu
No wonderlah my friends pun tak suka you

So I guess that's the end of our story
Akhir kata, she accepted his apology
Tapi last last kita dapat tahu she was cheating too
With her ex-boyfriend's best friend - Tommy


happy belated birthday 2 Datin ...

sempat lagi ni curi2 shoot kat CS.. comel x???