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Monday, November 23, 2009

as d time goes by..

... I'm so not used to it......
I wish you could ask about me but you didn't
Every time when there is a call or text from 016-********8, I thought it could be you, but yet I know it wasn't from you...
Perhaps, I should speak to you in the first place to avoid embarrassment or to let things cool down but yet I never take the step.
But, is either my fault too!
That's why I have been silent even when you insisted it was my fault!
I don't blame for creating this mess but I never known you will have such big reactions towards this same things.
What should I do so that we could be like as usual as how we used to be?
On the other hand, I know u have been caring for me as usual and scare that I will get upset about this, thus u calling me quite often this few days to make sure I'm ok.
Yes, I'm still fine, that's the only things I could reply to you.
Ah, how good if everything is within our control...
Sorry for inconvinence at dis mess moment. Everything just happened within a matter of time which i never ever expect everythin’ gonna happen at one time..