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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my photo shoot practice...

when u land a modeling job, apa tue, a photo shoot, there are a few things u shud remember b4 going in front of the cameras.

The fashion modeling world as it stands today may be dominated by female models, but more and more men are entering the profession. Led by such name IKHWAN CERIA (hahaha,perasan). No lah, such name, Awal Ashari, or sape2 lah.

if u want to be a model, pay special attention to wut i'm going to guide u for modeling poses.hahaha.. be of what u are okie?oK!.
Breathe : always remember to breathe and appear at ease.

Posture :
Always remember to keep ur back straight and ur shoulders up

If u have one arm long and straight by urside, make sure the other arm is bent

To enhance the quality of ur photo shoot, look away from the camera with a mix of head and eye poses. Looking off to the right or left side

Sitting pose: as u think it fits ur body

add variety to ur modeling poses, try switching up your smile wit a cute frown, a bratty bout, a friendly laugh

Body:Focus on ur posture, attitude, and facial expressions 2 succeed beyond ur wildest expectations.
: suke hati anda, selagi anda tak sesak nafas. haha faint!


Anonymous said...

aimO di sini.. wink3. ^_^ ikhwan3.. bila jd model nii....

Wan Zulqhairi said...

thnks for da good info..