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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

well,it just a crap..that's all..

Love, peace & unity..

Take a look into Islamic aspect ya..

let mingle and enjoy the sweet of friendship and harmony ..

Life is short rather than life in hereafter.

Use our time wisely..

no lifetime..


i found world with greatest 'Copycats' .this means we tend 2 shout back to a person that screaming 2wrds us..Just like a cat. .when they were in scratched to each other, they seem 2 turn up d voice..

I’d like 2 stress here , rather than feeling guilty, turn it into a

learning opportunity, if u are fault, apologies and show how u

admit your mistake.

amelia said ;"our biggest regret is not for d'thing we did but

its for d'thing we didn't."

Life is like wheel, sometimes you’re on the top

and the next day you might the one at the bottom.

Human is imperfect and sometimes unlucky :roll:

It’s a fact that we can’t deny.

But all of us want fortunate times, I guess

Sad. And alone.

Can you feel that?

Maybe yes. If you read through to know what I mean.

I always mention that I always feel lonely although I’m in a huge crowd. Some friends ask me - “How is that possible?“. I think the image above could visualize that. In a crowd, but feel sad & lonely.

But it’s just a natural feeling, I guess. Yeah, I love friends but it’s different when we talk about trust.

That’s my perception. Of course, we’re not perfect.

And I feel a bit relieved to know there are some people like me, or even worst.

..........well, it just a crap.. that's all.......


Anonymous said...

well,,, name amelia bile je ko takkan tak tulis..
mungkin,,,bile gaduh tak la kan,,
well,, post2 ko ni utk motivate diri sendiri ke..
i wonder..

Luahan rasa??? said...

bole tolong masuk kn name aku x??
kot xde name aku...
jgn soh aku bce blog ko nih...

ea-milly said...

mungkin farha ko patot senyap....
or mungkin ini 1 provokasi supaye aku upload video ko kat blog

nurulleqin said...

nk sokong amel ke x ni ea?