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Saturday, July 4, 2009

a balance of nature....perhaps..

"hey,remember ya!.Nature has its unique way
to show balance.
Where u're having less,there will be part where u have more..

"Life is not a thing that can be measured or weighed. But we often try to evaluate it in terms of success and failure. It is the basic human nature that we try to estimate our profit and loss in each and everything we do. We often try to divide life into two watertight compartments of success and failure. But that is not to be.
Life is not presented to us in definite shades of black and white,
rather we have varying shades of grey.

kura2 ni comel x?hepi je tgk kura2 ni
Although we can separately define success and failure, yet we cannot draw a line between the two. They are often overlapping or at times one may replace the other. Sometimes we lose even if we have won. At other times, even being a loser we might turn to be a winner in the end.
On some occasions it happens that when we win, there's a sense of guilt lurking in some corner of our heart, which keeps our success incomplete - we means we fail
inspite of the success. Sometimes we fail to keep our relationships intact - at that particular moment we succeeded as a businessman but failed badly in being a human being. Basically success and failure co-exist.let see the point of view of the sportspersons we can say that - no matter how successful a person might be in any sport, if he doesn't retire at the right time, when he is at the peak, very soon the journey downhill begins - this might turn his success into a failure (failure in terms of his decreasing popularity, people might remember him for his failures in the last matches).

it's a balance of nature..,
life has it ups and downs..

Lawa x?hehe..act, org tu x bg nk amik gmbr mata, i've decided 2 take another pic.
" This is only another aspect of success and failure. "

Ape2 aje lah aku ni..hurm...