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Sunday, May 16, 2010

here r ma joyful reflection..

Life is all about choices and attitude. Make the right choices, keep a positive attitude-- and you will find JOY through all of your ups and downs. Hope you enjoy my thoughts!

There are so many things in my life which make me happy.
It's hard 2 put them into a single blog post.

BUT TOday,

I wanted 2 talk a little about some of da important things in ma life.
Do you like 2 walk along d beach, feel d sand between your toes, or just sit and listen 2 da waves as they roar??? i like dat very much!!!

Another thing that makes me happy is seeing a gorgeous waterfall.

a simple thought!::
A shock sent through my system,

Down my spine and through my limbs.
My stomach fills up with butterflies,
And any pain I was feeling dims.

A smile that stops my heartbeat.
Your soft lips part to speak.
"Don't panic love,
You'll always have me"
And we're the only two around,
As far as I can see.

This is why my heart beats.
It's your fault I never sleep.
I toss. I turn.
Being away from you brings pain, leaves burns.
Memories fly through my head.
So anxious to see your face again.
A disease only your presence can heal.
Further proof that these feelings are real.

Your laugh, your smile,
Your hands over mine,
Keeping me warm,
My light in this dark storm.
The reason I wake,
Knowing I'll see you today.
Your arms wrap around me,
And I feel safe.

!! dat's Y ma heart BeatS !!