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Monday, September 14, 2009

emo?? stop it!!

In some corner of my heart I'm so sick and tired of being used and buttered-up for selfish intentions that I want to lock myself away from their society forever . Hurm, what is so-called friendship and friend? What are d differences between these two? Friendship is some kind of attached relationship that we really closed & have mutual liking of interest to one another. Otherwise, friend is an ordinary relationship that merely on particular reason. Ok! how do we feel when some1 that we totally put trust on them & give us full of vain hope with such ridiculous things .hUrm, it been a worth while ur in gd mood but such a loser when being used 4 particular matters. The likelihood to deception is higher compared to honesty, perhaps. Well, human is human, devil is devil, bullshit is bullshit & asshole is asshole. A friend dat we r hoping 2 be last longer has changed drastically due to wealth & found someone who make one’s on top of world w/o hesitating others feeling.

Once it hurts, there will be history created in our corner of heart, so long we try to abolish that sort of feeling but it never end 4 ever. Out of blue , that fella emerge desperately looking 4 some1 coz of frustration or else. Perhaps, that fella r craving 4 sympathy, either. As that fella solely a child with no sibling is blaming on their parents that do not take into account for that fella coz of hectic schedule. So ,try 2 commit something that really offend morality as a muslim even though all ur cousin are non-muslim. Ok. I would accept that mybe u r d only one who practice islam but the way u act likely to show that u r nOT!. Fucking that heart holes.! I wish d devil would drag u into hell. Stop pretending ur doing part time modeling lah. Useless la. I recommended that fella 2 one of modeling agency in KL through my friend haha tapi skrg that fella dat blagak cm die sorg je PERFECT !.haha. Moving to Amsterdam bgs la dr idup kat Msia ni. Burden org je .haha 4 this time I won’t help u out from ur miserable life beb!.haha. u deserve starting on d day u went away.haha
Moral of d story. PLz do not be humble on earth & no self-pity .be a selfish to some extent not to hurt others feeling through matured deed, behavior & age doesn’t indicate how mature u r ok? Behave in proper behavior ¬ 2 hurt others feeling too coz one day person that look cool might burst out & taking action beyond what we think of.
Whatever it is there must be lie in the beauty .watch out in looking friend from walks of life. There is jungle out there that we couldn’t see d true color of them.