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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sometimes things is better to be left unsaid...

i've been pretty busy lately..

I find that I tend to blog when things feel like they're going downhill in my life.. However, when the downward spiral begins, it feels infinite and awful and I forget all the wonderfulness that has lead up to that moment. By tomorrow, the spiral will most likely go in reverse, but at this moment, it is endless.I am finding that my happiness definitely seems to stem from adoration of others, which is tricky, as people's adoration of me certainly..

self-pityThere were certain things that I wanted to change by the end of August. I don't remember those things actually but I'm in a bit of hurry to achieve those things. So I'm in this mode of completely sterilizing my mind of all things not-nice which get in the way me as a person.

I have this thing of having pity for myself, self-pity. I wonder if everyone has it or not. But anyway, so many
times I act like I'm the only one with all the problems in life. Look extremely exhausted and sad so many times as if I'm going through what not! Ev
eryone is distressed at some point of time but still what is the point in being sad about it all the time.

I mean, when you can count the number of problems you have on your hand with 10 fingers, then why do we spend 24 hours everyday thinking about it? Human nature. I so hate being a human. whatever it is life must be go on....